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Micropigmentation is also known as semi permanent or permanent makeup. It is similar to tattooing except the pigments are finer and are not inserted so deeply into the skin.

There are two methods used; machine and hand tool. Machines are well established and are a fast way of implanting the pigment. Hand tools are still pretty fast, and some micropigmentation artists feel they have more control with them. A well known brand is Softap.

Micropigmentation is often used for eyeliner, lip colour and eyebrows. Although the colour is long lasting, and even permanent for some, it will often require a touch up treatment to keep the colour fresh.

With lip colour it’s important to realise that the finished look will be matte, so you will need to apply balm or gloss if that’s the look you are after.

Never let cost be a deciding factor for this treatment. Ask to see a portfolio of previous treatments before parting with your money. If you want a cheaper treatment and you allow a student to practise on you remember that the results will probably not last very long if she/he is just starting out.

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Nail Extensions And Nail Art

Nail extensions involve sculpting and building upon your own nails to create a more esthetically pleasing version. This is done using several ‘systems’ such as acrylic, fiberglass or gel. Some are more hardwearing than others but the important thing to remember is to take care of your nail extensions between visits and not to assume they are harder than your normal nails.

Nail art has become more mainstream, especially the type that blends in with a traditional french manicure.

Remember that nail extensions mean you will have more germs under your nails than normal (a research paper was published on this recently) so be care to clean your hands well before eating.

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The traditional manicure or pedicure involves improving the appearance of the nails and surrounding skin. Manicures are a staple of most nail bars and there is no need to go into too much detail.

Pedicures come in several different categories though. It can be a simple footbath, scrub, buff and polish or it can be a more thorough removal of dead skin. If it is the latter then make sure to use a reputable salon as infections such as athletes foot can be spread easily if instruments are not sterilised. Also if the skin is cut then a verruca can develop.

If you have diabetes then avoid pedicures altogether.

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Ultrasound/Sonic Therapy

Ultrasonic or ultrasound therapy is used to good effect for aching muscles, back pain, stiffness and other ailments. The sound waves reach deep down into the body and increase blood flow where it is need, plus it stimulates the surrounding tissue.

Despite the simplicity of this treatment it is very effective for relaxation and as a natural pain reliever.

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Microcurrent (often called a CACI treatment after the most popular brand) is a more modern form of the old faradic current treatment. It involves tiny pulses of electricity to stimulate the muscles and skin. The muscles are toned and, hence, the appearance of the face or body improves.

Microcurrent is incredibly popular and yields the kind of results that are comparable with surgery. In fact it is often known as a non-surgical facelift. Although you do need to keep up the treatment, this can be done with home use machines such as Cleo if you cannot visit a salon regularly.

If you are feeling ‘jowly’ or want to lift your cheekbones then this is a highly recommended treament.

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Body Wrapping

Body wrapping is often touted as a ‘magic inch loss’ treatment. While it certainly does make you lose inches all over your body it is temporary and will not last more than a few days. Therefore it is best used sparingly for special occasions.

The treatment often uses mud or lotion all over the area to be wrapped, followed by firm elastic bandages. This squeezes the body into eliminating fluid, especially from the gut. Once the bandages and mud/lotion are removed you may sometimes have a final massage or body scrub to finish off.

Again, this is not a solution for everyday weight loss and should be kept for occasional use.

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Lymphatic Drainage

Our body has two circulatory systems; blood and lymphatic.

We know about the blood system well, however the lymphatic system is just as extension and important, yet because it relies on muscle movement rather than the heart to pump fluid around it doesn’t have such a high profile.

You will have seen lymph form when you have squeezed a zit or had a skin infection. The clear fluid that appears is lymph, rushing to the site of injury.

There are lymph nodes situated around the body that clean up the lymph as it goes around you. That’s why you get hard lumps on your neck when you are very unwell, because the lymph nodes there are working overtime to get unwanted substances out of your body.

Sometimes lymph can stagnate in your body, such has collecting around your ankles or legs to give a heavy feeling. This is why it’s important to be fit and active. Occasionally you may find a lymphatic drainage treatment helpful to get things flowing again. This is not quite as relaxing as a body massage but it leaves you feeling invigorated. It can sometimes be hard to track down a therapist but since it is a useful treatment for certain cancer sufferers there is a network of experienced therapists out there.

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Light Based Treatments

Like facials, light based treatments go back nearly 100 years. The use of different coloured lights (usually red and blue) have long been known to help with acne and/or rejuvenation. Also daylight bulbs are useful for lifting your mood when there is little natural light (e.g. winter).

Another form of light therapy is infrared, usually in the form of a ‘dry’ sauna. There is no steam, just an infrared light that warms the body. Again this is helpful in cold climates or when you are feeling rundown.

These treatments are often reintroduced every few years as a ‘new’ innovation, but they have been around in one form or another for a very long time. Ensure you visit a salon that has experienced therapists for these particular treatments.

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Microdermabrasion is, literally, a form of sandblasting the skin to remove the surface cells.

Originally inert crystals were used, followed by salt. Nowadays the salt has been done away with altogether and a rotating crystal is used instead. This eliminates the risk of contamination (some salons were reusing the old salt or crystals!) but it is still a very intense treatment.

Not everyone will find this a good treatment, and it’s probably not a good idea to have it on a regular basis. However it is good for buffing the skin when the weather changes, and can be useful for removing light pigmentation marks.

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High Frequency Facial Treatment

As with galvanic facials an electrical current is used for high frequency treatments. This is usually carried out on very oily or congested skin but can also be carried out on the body.

The treatment is very good at removing oil and leaves you with a fresh feeling that lasts several weeks. It’s particularly good if you travel by bus/underground tube or subway/train as you will have greasier skin than usual. Again make sure you have a therapist who is well experienced.

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