Micropigmentation is also known as semi permanent or permanent makeup. It is similar to tattooing except the pigments are finer and are not inserted so deeply into the skin.

There are two methods used; machine and hand tool. Machines are well established and are a fast way of implanting the pigment. Hand tools are still pretty fast, and some micropigmentation artists feel they have more control with them. A well known brand is Softap.

Micropigmentation is often used for eyeliner, lip colour and eyebrows. Although the colour is long lasting, and even permanent for some, it will often require a touch up treatment to keep the colour fresh.

With lip colour it’s important to realise that the finished look will be matte, so you will need to apply balm or gloss if that’s the look you are after.

Never let cost be a deciding factor for this treatment. Ask to see a portfolio of previous treatments before parting with your money. If you want a cheaper treatment and you allow a student to practise on you remember that the results will probably not last very long if she/he is just starting out.