Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage

Our body has two circulatory systems; blood and lymphatic.

We know about the blood system well, however the lymphatic system is just as extension and important, yet because it relies on muscle movement rather than the heart to pump fluid around it doesn’t have such a high profile.

You will have seen lymph form when you have squeezed a zit or had a skin infection. The clear fluid that appears is lymph, rushing to the site of injury.

There are lymph nodes situated around the body that clean up the lymph as it goes around you. That’s why you get hard lumps on your neck when you are very unwell, because the lymph nodes there are working overtime to get unwanted substances out of your body.

Sometimes lymph can stagnate in your body, such has collecting around your ankles or legs to give a heavy feeling. This is why it’s important to be fit and active. Occasionally you may find a lymphatic drainage treatment helpful to get things flowing again. This is not quite as relaxing as a body massage but it leaves you feeling invigorated. It can sometimes be hard to track down a therapist but since it is a useful treatment for certain cancer sufferers there is a network of experienced therapists out there.