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Eyebrow Threading

Threading is a beauty treatment that used to be hard to find in salons. Now it is a staple treatment, and getting your ‘brows done is a standard lunchtime activity for many women. I’ve put together some facts about how threading compares to plucking and waxing, plus where to search for a qualified threader in your area.

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Other Sites on Threading

If you’d like to find out more about threading you may find the following sites useful:

Non-threading site
If you know of any sites on threading please email

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Find a Threading Specialist

Look out for good hygiene (therapist should wash hands before touching your face) and a client consultation before you have your first session, including aftercare advice. After all, you don’t want to have threading done if you are having microdermabrasion or a facial the next day. (ignore the bit that says there aren’t many therapists who do threading, they have loads of listings)

If you are in the US then you’ll find local listings here:
Plus you may find listings at Craig’s List too.

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Other Methods

Other methods of shaping eyebrows include:

Easy to do, but also easy to mess up! Use eyebrow guides when shaping for the first time (available from high street shops) or go to a salon.

Waxing and Sugaring
Very quick to do and a staple treatment of many salons. Take care though, skin should be completely taut when removing the wax or sugar paste otherwise repeated treatments can ‘loosen’ the skin. Also, NEVER EVER have waxing or sugaring done if you are using any vitamin A based skin cream (e.g. retinol). These thin the skin, and the top layer gets ripped away!

The only way to permanently remove eyebrows. Best if your eyebrows are sparse, as the number of hairs in this small area is very high and it can take nearly 2 years to get them all.

It’s best not to use other methods as it’s difficult to get precise results with them (e.g. laser or depilatory cream).

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Functions of Eyebrows

Eyebrows have changed with human evolution to provide two major functions.

Firstly they prevent sweat from running into the eyes. Even the thinnest of eyebrows are able to do this, so it’s never a good idea to remove too much.

Secondly, and most importantly, they are an important part of expressing emotion and body language. Sit in front of the mirror and make expressions of happiness, sadness, fear and anger. Now do the same but with the eyebrows covered up. The difference is enormous, and explains why people with botoxed foreheads look so strange in conversation.

Eyebrow hairs tend to get thicker and longer as we age, especially in men. The best way to deal with them is to trim the hairs a little, rather than remove them.

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Threading eyebrows has become more fashionable in recent years, thanks to coverage in the media. As you probably know already threading has been used in Asian and Middle-Eastern countries for decades, and is also known as khite. It is performed using a length of twisted cotton to catch and pull out the hairs

Although it may seem quite simple, threading does take a certain amount of skill to ensure hairs are not snapped off.

Threading is best for those of us who have a large amount of eyebrow hair and surrounding facial hair, as tweezing simply takes too long. If you are lucky enough to have just a few stray hairs and no noticeable facial hair then you probably won’t understand what the fuss is about!

The main benefit of threading is the way it shapes the eyebrow, not just underneath but also the top. One of the major drawbacks of tweezing, especially when done at home, is that it’s easy to remove the wrong hairs which then alter the shape of the eyebrow. For example, you may remove thick hairs from underneath the brow which act as a form of ‘scaffolding’ for the entire brow. By removing those hairs the shapes collapses, and there is no option but to wait for them to grow back in!

Threading avoids this as it only removes hairs from around the eyebrows. It’s fine to go over the same area several times as only the hair is being targeted. It’s also very good for removing facial hair, especially when waxing or sugaring has proved too irritating. (Let’s not get into whether plucking facial hair is good or bad. Millions of women do it every day, and it obviously works for some but doesn’t for others.)

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