A Simple Homemade Moisturiser

A Simple Homemade Moisturiser

Disclaimer: This is my own personal recipe and if you wish to try it out then you are responsible for ensuring you patch test any ingredient you haven’t used before to avoid any potential problems. Your use is at your own risk. Sorry for this disclaimer but sometimes you can have an allergy to the most basic things in life!

This moisturiser is especially good for dry patches of skin, or as a lipbalm.

You need:
Unrefined shea butter (acts as an emollient)
Olive oil or sunflower oil
Coconut oil (solid type with no fragrance)
A few rose petals (optional)
Bowl of hot water
Small jar such as an empty moisturiser pot, glass or plastic, with screwtop lid. Clean out with warm water and soap, then place in a cup and pour boiled water over it, then remove without touching the inside and leave to air dry.

To make the moisturiser

Place the empty jar in bowl of hot water, so that the level of water is just below the top of the jar. (If you’ve got a plastic jar then keep a small spoon in it to weigh it down) Scoop in the unrefined shea butter to roughly fill up the pot halfway. It should start to melt due to the hot water. Once it has become mostly liquid (stir if you need to) add the coconut oil (about half of the amount of shea butter) and 1 teaspoon of olive or sunflower oil. Stir again and add the rose petals. Stir so that the petals are submerged completely and leave for around 1 hour or 2 hours. Remove the petals, scraping and squeezing to get the rose oil out. You should now have a semi-solid moisturiser that you can use all over your body and face. Use sparingly on the face as it is very concentrated compared to usual facial moisturisers. In summer keep it in a dark area such as a drawer, as it will melt in direct sunlight! If you find it too intense then use it for your feet.

You can of course substitute the rose petals for a VERY SMALL drop of your favourite essential oil, but make sure you only use a small drop so that you don’t irritate your skin. Or you can leave the fragrance out entirely.