Other Methods

Other Methods

Other methods of shaping eyebrows include:

Easy to do, but also easy to mess up! Use eyebrow guides when shaping for the first time (available from high street shops) or go to a salon.

Waxing and Sugaring
Very quick to do and a staple treatment of many salons. Take care though, skin should be completely taut when removing the wax or sugar paste otherwise repeated treatments can ‘loosen’ the skin. Also, NEVER EVER have waxing or sugaring done if you are using any vitamin A based skin cream (e.g. retinol). These thin the skin, and the top layer gets ripped away!

The only way to permanently remove eyebrows. Best if your eyebrows are sparse, as the number of hairs in this small area is very high and it can take nearly 2 years to get them all.

It’s best not to use other methods as it’s difficult to get precise results with them (e.g. laser or depilatory cream).